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How to Hold a Prehistoric Party

The boy turned seven! He was very particular about the kind of celebration he wanted. And so, we had a prehistoric theme for a classroom party. Nothing fancy, just a crafts activity and a personalized cake.

(lots of pictures!)


Brown paper bags, pens, kid’s design, dad’s art, mom’s words.

Homemade, hand-drawn, and hand-written.


Fossil Art Project 
Pasta in various shapes, used coffee grounds (dried), glue, boards, mom’s concept, dad’s amazing art skills.


Days before the party, we went to the local Starbucks to ask for used coffee grounds that they normally give out for free to be used in gardens and composts.  These had to be drained and dried. It took about two to three days. The house smelled like a cafe.

To speed things up, the toaster oven was used and, when able, some time in the sun.

Meanwhile, we made a shortlist of creatures from the prehistoric times. Initial studies were employed:


»Party day

Spaghetti, fettuccine, penne, salad macaroni, elbow macaroni, farfalle.


Classmates get their  pre-drawn skeleton guides.

Creating the pasta-skeleton.


Covering with coffee-dirt.


» Unearthed fossils!!!



Saber Tooth

Wooly Mammoth



The cake
Store-bought cake (specifically one topped with choco powder), white icing, dad’s design and skills.

This was the most nerve-wracking part of all as neither of us had tried icing or frosting a cake. There was hardly any error for mistakes. Somehow, the plan worked.



All in all, it was a very happy celebration. Until next year!

The Witch King

We thought of this costume early, and despite time constraints (i.e. work and deadline), we managed to finish on time. This was truly Dad’s project—from concept to execution—but we did help when we could.

Our materials were mostly found/reused/upcycled objects: illustration board, discarded wires, tons of scratch paper, pizza boxes, a handle from a dustpan, and an old x-ray.


This is the biggest DIY project we’ve ever undertaken (we don’t do it that often), and measuring is something we still have to learn. So we had a lot of fittings instead.


Painting transformed cardboard to metal.


Finally, the unveiling.

"Building A Death Star Trench"
Old blocks recreate a Star Wars universe
(Read about it here.)

"Building A Death Star Trench"

Old blocks recreate a Star Wars universe

(Read about it here.)

Piggy Bottle Bank

Loose change. Empty Coke plastic bottle. Bottle caps. Tape, scrap paper, plastic toothpick+floss thing.

Designer Stamps

Sticker labels and markers. Cut and draw!

Jelly fruit

Orange peels + jello mix = jelly magic fun

Lego world

He wanted a Star Wars notebook for school. So we made one.

Star Wars Lego poster + generic writing notebook